150630 Beginner Class Training Log

First day back in a month was also the first time meeting Professor M.

Got in early to do some stretching to loosen up my back.

Class started with a couple of simple stretches and then followed up with some major core work.

Sit ups and leg raises, followed by hip escapes against the wall into a spin out to side control in the opposite direction. Finally ending up with hip escapes front to front with a partner.

I’ve definitely gone backwards since re-injuring myself at the end of May.

Gassed out even before the class started proper.

Worked on foot sweep takedown. Start with a collar and sleeve grip and as you move jerk the controlled elbow forward and downwards while pushing the shoulder up and back. Once your opponent is off balance complete the takedown by sweeping the foot on the same side as your elbow control.

The key here is the timing of your opponents movements. Be patient and move with them. Allow your opponent space to move into and strike when their base is at it’s weakest.

Second take down technique was to “pull guard” into a De La Riva with your entry hook inserting all the way and controlling the opponents hips. As you fall into guard transition the standing foot onto the stomach and pull the opponent’s base over you and roll over your own shoulder for the sweep.

The key is to trust your own hook and commit to the “guard pull”. The ideal grip is a shoulder lapel and a sleeve behind the tricep on the same “hook” side entry.

Third technique was from De La Riva into a mount sweep. Start with both sleeves controlled and De La Riva hook in and foot on bicep. Remove foot from bicep and place on opponents stomach. Push opponent away to readjust same side sleeve onto the opposite (De La Riva) side lapel. Move other sleeve grip to a tricep sleeve grip. Now pull opponent over you by controlling the shoulder and with your De La Riva hook to displace the knee and balance over your hips. Complete the sweep by rolling over the same side shoulder as the tricep grip and De La Riva hook.

The key here is to keep strength and tension in the hook. While rolling over the shoulder. Ideally, you should end in mount. Side control or half guard is also acceptable.

Another detail is to control the tricep/elbow all the way until the opponent is swept and you’ve stabilised your position. This stops the opponent from posting on his elbow and gaining side control.

I had a lot of issues with this with my foot being unable to take the weight and also a general lack of confidence with being out injured for so long.

Randoori was entirely forgettable. Rusty and gassed out.

Tough day.