150504 Intermediate Class Training Log

Sore as hell from training the last few days but the only way to get my conditioning back is to keep at it.

Drilled leg drags. Kick out De La Riva hook, push forward on the knee and pull back as you step outside the leg. Fairly simple but I always manage to get the opponents foot caught up in my gi. Very frustrating.

Variation number two. As you pass from the leg drag, the opponent hip escapes out, rotate your body over his body thru north south and base out into a scarf hold position. grab on to both arms as you transition to prevent the opponent from turning out.

Third variation, as you pass from the leg drag, the opponent turns into the turtle position. Post on your outside arm and insert the lower leg in between the elbow and knee and grip the belt to break the opponent down into a back take.

Key points. Drill more leg drags.

Drilled a combination pass from De La Riva. Step back, pressure toe down, step over the leg with the free foot, kick out 45 degrees away from the fingers with trapped foot and then perform a leg drag, pass into side control.

Variation on this is as you kick out the opponent sits up into a single. Get under hook on the outside arm. Pressure knee down with the inside arm and slide knee into a knee slice pass and pressure the opponent down back into the mat with the undertook as you pass into side control.

Again having issues with the leg drag getting caught up on my gi.

Did specific training from De La Riva, was really dreading this as I’m still not confident on my feet. Was really slow and beaten a lot of times. Felt the instability in my foot. Not happy.

We then did a round robin of 2 min rounds back to back via the three of us. Got my ass handed to me as my lack of fitness showed after the first few rounds.

Still have not been happier had more hours in the last 4 days than I have had since Feb.

It’s good to be back on the mat.

Train hard, tap fast and have grips like a sloth.