150502 Beginners Class Training Log

Got in early and did half an hour of stretching to keep the back loose from open mats the day before.

First time since February that I’ve managed to train two days in a row so things are really looking up.

Still struggling with flexibility, need to be consistent about my stretching off training days as well.

Started with the Xande sweep (flower sweep variation). Control sleeve of sweep side arm, turn knuckles into block the post, pull opponent forward with your legs to open material behind the opposite knee to grab onto. Sweep side leg plants close to prevent posting, opposite leg kicks high to unsettle the mount while opposite arm pulls the leg around the head to complete the sweep into a mount.

Key points to note. Sweep over your own hip, get sweep side knee out of the way. Adjust grip to use the bicep to pull up on the leg. Pull leg over the head not straight up.

Second drill was Xande sweep into arm bar. Similar entry, however this time the opponent post with opposite arm to stop the sweep. Let go of grips on sweep side arm and swap to the posting arm controlling the front of the elbow. Move sweep side foot onto the sweep side hip and raise your own hips and rotate and insert opposite leg under the opponents face. Hook face with the back of the knee and push back causing the opponent to fall back down and finish with the armbar.

Key points to note. Raise your hip, you will not get leverage to push the opponent back if your entry is too shallow and only your calf is on the opponents face. Get deep and trap the face behind the knee. Push off with the other leg to get momentum to sweep the opponent.

Final drill, Xande sweep into back take. Same entry, this time the opponent instead of exposing the arm, posts on his elbow. Let go of the sweep side arm and grab across in an over under to secure the head and posting arm. This should look like you are going for an arm triangle. Hip escape out away from the opponent. Insert the lower leg hook then swing hips and outer leg around the opponent and rotate your arms into a seatbelt. Insert the other hook and use the outer hook and the torque from the seat belt to roll onto your back. Finish with the rear naked choke.

Key points to note. Get tight with the over under, raise hips off the ground to enable the second hook. Open the knee out with the second hook to leverage the roll to the back.

Two rolls to end the class.

White belt two stripes 20kg lighter. Fairly light roll, had little trouble passing and attacking. Uneventful but very cautious with the left foot.

Brown belt one stripe. Trouble as usual. Too quick and mobile. Every time I attempt a knee slice pass he controls my head and I end up getting pushed back on my back. Also sat up onto a single leg and ended up getting into an armbar. He was gracious enough to show me the entry.

As someone sits up into a single leg, get a kimura entry into the outside arm, then forward roll into the nearside shoulder into the armbar. Very cool.

Overall felt good but i can feel my back tightening up, will take the day off and see how it goes.

Train hard, tap fast and have grips like a sloth.