150501 Open Mats Training Log

Went in for an open mat session to start off the long weekend. Did a lot of stretching to help open up my hips and back before I got down to rolling.

Observed the first few 5 min rounds before I jumped in with a brown belt 1 stripe 5kg lighter. (you gotta start somewhere right?)

Got pwnzoned as expected. Slowly getting more movement back into my game and this is the most comfortable I felt moving since the fracture. Still have trouble dealing with highly mobile opponents. Not much to take away from this
except that I’m slowly getting back to where I was. Just need to grit my teeth and keep on keeping on. 

Next roll was a blue belt 4 stripes 20kg lighter. Focused on guard retention here. Still extremely nervous about putting out my left foot but I need to get used to it and gain some confidence here. Managed to attempt some sweeps when my guard was getting passed. Had mixed results with the roll. Getting better at defending Omaplata attacks but still annoyed that I’m getting caught in them. 

Third roll was with a white belt 3 stripes, 10kgs lighter. This was a fun roll, good exchanges and sweeps and submission attempts. Very fluid but exposes my lack of cardio and mobility. 

Last roll was with a white belt no stripe 15kg lighter. Took it easy on this roll, just played defence but managed to jump on an arm triangle. Worked on Ryan Hall’s one hand arm triangle, really makes a difference when
you project your chest into your opponent. 

Good day all in all. Back managed to behave itself over the 2 hour session with time taken to stretch in between rolls. 
Things are looking up. 

Train hard, tap fast and have grips like a sloth.