150418 Intermediate Class Training Log

Went in early to do some stretching and ended up helping out in the kids class.

Helped two adorable grey belts with the Triangle from guard. Totally brought a smile to my face.

Worked with trigger point ball on opening up the hips as it seems to be the most effective in opening up the lower back. More pigeon poses, child’s pose and hamstring stretches.

Lot’s of stretching and physical drills today. Worst of which was balancing a v pose back to back with our teammates while passing 2 medicine balls around.

Really exposed the current back issue as I struggled to maintain balance as I passed the balls around.

The rest was usual, push ups, crunches, planks a lot of core work.

We got to pick what techniques we could work on today. A was called and picked a sweep from de la riva. Really interesting, control nearside sleeve, control ankle, raise hip insert hook deeper to outside hip. Lasso controlled arm with free leg, pull in with arms and legs. Granby roll under opponent’s hip, push off legs to get the sweep and finish with the armbar.

Still have issues with granby rolls. Need to work on this.

I was called upon on for the second technique and I asked for a side control sweep. Prop the forearm on the neck to create space. Insert the knee shield high up, swivel under with the bottom arm under hooking the outside knee. Use knee shield to bear the weight of the opponent as you roll over to the sweep. Arm without the leg transitions from forearm on neck to cross face. Arm with underhooked leg reach for a gable grip if not the lapel or the belt. This forces the legs open and avoids half guard. Backstep your leg free into side control.

I need to be more aware of when and where to collapse the knee shield. Also must remember to dig deep for grips to avoid the half guard after the sweep.

Three rolls today. Purple belt one stripe. 5-7kg lighter. Mobility based game. I suffer against opponents like this. Even at the best of times. With recovery still on my mind I was completely outclassed. Switched into defensive mode and did well until I got caught in a bow and arrow. A little sore that I got caught in one of my fav techniques but I tapped and learnt all the same. More annoyed that I saw it too late to avoid it than anything.

White belt four stripes. 10-15kg lighter. A little over zealous perhaps trying to over compensate for the size differential. Went super easy to avoid any injury. Got annoyed when he went for a footlock. No reason for white belts for go for footlocks. Rolled out of it even when he cranked.

Brown belt one stripe. 5-7kg lighter. Had a lot of fun with this roll. Did pretty well defensively and managed some laughable offence and one meaningful darce attempt. Really enjoying the flow of rolling with senior belts that acknowledge your game with a friendly chuckle and slap bump. He laid back I half guard and let me attempt to pass and repeatedly swept me. Learnt to be more focused about keeping my body weight over myself and not his hips. A lot of chuckles and was congratulated with a “good roll”.

Overall, recovery is slow and unable to turn on my core for pressure or mobility. But baby steps. I expected this after being out for 3 months. Just focus and be patient.