BJJ: Big Training Partners

Here is an article that is echos my feeling about people who use size as an excuse for not doing well against their opponent.

The fact is a higher skilled opponent will make up for the size differential. The larger the differential the more refined the techniques need to be. I’ve very often rolled with people 10 – 20 kg heavier than myself and got frustrated by my inability to sweep or reverse the position. This is just BJJ telling me that my game is flawed. Once I accepted it, I look forward to rolling with larger opponents who sharpen my game.

We don’t whine at smaller faster, more flexible opponents to not use their speed or flexibility against us do we? So why are we trying to modify someone else’s game to match our comfort and ego?

If I tell someone to ease up on the pressure, what I’m actually asking him/her to do is to hold more of his body weight on his elbows and knees instead of his chest. In essence, I’m telling him to do a technique incorrectly while rolling with me. I hardly think that is the best way for both parties involved to learn.

If you are a big guy going up a smaller opponent, sure there is no need to go on your toes and dig in, however there also isn’t a need to do a technique incorrectly.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Train hard, tap fast and have grips like a sloth.