150412 Beginners Class Training Log

Went in 30 mins early to do some stretching. Started with pigeon pose and child’s pose to open up the hips and lower back. Also did some groin stretches.

Class started with some drills.

Kimura, armbar, omaplata, triangle combo – Still lacking the fluidity that I need to get this down right. Should drill this with N out of class.

Armbar rotation – Need to focused on getting more motion in the hips while still keeping the elbow in for the sub. Also something to drill out of class.

Lapel choke from side control transitioning to North south – Playing around with the lapel in gi isn’t my favourite way to roll. Just seems too fidgety for me. However, the key to getting this choke is to get your own forearm on the  opposite side of the lapel cutting off both arteries before stepping over the head.

Leg drags – Finally getting some confidence in my foot. However, foot work needs to be worked on. I’m stumbling over my own feet after the leg drag.

Guard replacement from side control – Bridge, frame, hip escape, knee replacement comes HIGH off the chest, trailing foot comes in to hook the outside knee, straighten to replace guard. Details, fluidity in motion and speed of execution need to be worked on.

Roll 1 – Blue belt one stripe, approx 10 kg lighter. Fun roll focused on defense. Defended chokes well. Passed guard once I went to feet. Time expired before improving position. Good laughs.

Roll 2 – White belt one stripe, approx 15 kg lighter. Worked on escapes. Repeatedly escaped armbar attempts and mount chokes. Gassed out towards the end of the roll. Uneventful.

Roll 3 – Prof B, Black belt 3 stripes, approx 10 kg lighter. Very fun roll. Worked on transitions and guard replacement and defense. My roll was very susceptible to knee on belly. He made me pay with pressure. Learnt an interesting fist on arteries submission cos I was defending my arms and left my neck open. Also got armbared cos I got impatient with grip fighting. Mobility still an issue. Watch out for collapsing knee shield. Work with N on this on the roof. Tapped a lot.

How I felt – Out of shape. Losing 9 weeks out to injury had taken its toll on flexibility and cardio. Emotionally felt good to be back and really enjoyed rolling with a black belt.  Weighed myself down to 84.5 post training so i’m happy with not putting on while being injured.

Need to work on flexibility and confidence in my foot. Refocus on foot work and entries. I really shouldn’t be stumbling over myself at this level.

All in all a good training. Let’s hope the back and foot hold up. Consistency in training is key. Oss.

Train hard, tap fast and have grips like a sloth.